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Food & Drink Photography


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You already know strong brand voice is essential for your business. But how to make sure people actually hear you?

By showing up & sharing engaging and elevating content.

Best way to start is personalised imagery created just for your business. It allows your customers to see who you really are and the true story behind every product. 

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From clear cut bottle shots, styled product images to lifestyle imagery. Add a vineyard shot to showcase your brand story fully.
We create it all and don't miss out any details your customers need to see to make a decision in your favour. 

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Either you have a new product launching, you have a special campaign happening, we can style and photograph everything from scratch. Truly capturing the essence of your brand and answering all questions customers didn't even think they had.

Client Showcase
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Tannacrieff wines
Drink photography styled product photography
7th Heaven
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Domain Road Wines
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Moreish Kitchen
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Red Bridge Berries
HoneyBees Cakes

Let me help you up-level your business

Never look at a boring, plain product shot again. You don't need to worry about having an image on your website that doesn't reflect the true quality of your product. Or an image that doesn't convert. will create a visual feast that will leave you and your customers craving and adding to cart. 

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In this stage I take care of bringing your vision to life. By gathering props, working on creative vision and light. Finishing up with styling and photographing your product with carefully planned details.


You receive an online gallery with high and web resolution images which you can use right away for your next marketing campaign, website and across social media 

How does working with me look like? 


Reach out to me whenever you require new imagery. Either to update your product page, you have a new campaign or you want to work on your social media strategy. We will go through a brief together.


Moreish Kitchen

"Anda is a stunning photographer! She is super friendly and professional in her approach and definitely goes the extra mile for her clients. Her knowledge, passion, creativity and ambitious attitude for food photography is evident in the pictures and content she creates. I had nothing but amazing feedback from the product shoot she did for me last year!! I loved working with Anda and i can't wait to use her services over and over!!"


Hi, I'm Anda. Photographer, stylist, art and light director all at one. 


My journey started with a passion for food and wine while growing up in Europe. Which led to years of digging into its chemistry.

Only for me to realise there is so much more to it.

Having a hight quality product doesn't mean it will always convert to a sale. You need to tell a story in the most simple way possible. To ensure your customers keep coming back for more.

I flipped my career upside down and swapped the lab coat to a camera.

Because I saw how many opportunities were missed using visual content not done right.


Now with years of practice I am able to help you tell your story with ease. Embody your own unique message in an image to elevate your brand effortlessly.